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 NEW! Personal Student Page for FUSION-DC doctoral researchers!

 The Personal Student Page is an online platform for FUSION-DC doctoral researchers that offers the possibility to input information and upload documents.

This page has to be used mainly for follow up of your mobility during the three years of your doctoral research. Under the section "student mobility" you will have to add information about the following:

  • "Personal": here you have to add your current contact details and update them if this information changes (if you move for a longer period to another country for example)
  • "Mobility": this is an important part, here you have to add the visits/stays to/at your host institutions
  • "Events/Seminars/Conferences": here you have to add the events, seminars, conferences you attended
  • "Courses": here you have to add the courses you follow
  • "Publication": here you can upload articles you have published during your three year doctoral research

We ask you to regularly update this information!
Thank you! 



You can access through this link:


The login details are the same as you used at the time of your application. If you forgot your login and/or password, please send us an email so we can reset the password for you.

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