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GRE test of Physics

The test consists of approximately 100 questions, most of which relate to the first three years of undergraduate physics. Topics include 8 classical mechanics (20%), electromagnetism (18%), atomic physics (10%), optics and wave phenomena (9%), quantum mechanics (12%), thermodynamics and statistical mechanics 10%), special relativity (6%) and laboratory methods (6%). The remaining 9% of the test covers advanced topics such as nuclear and particle physics, condensed matter physics and astrophysics.
A scaled score of more than 820 is advisable.

About the scaled score:
About the physics test:

The test is not mandatory but a good score is influencing positively your ranking.


Paper based, Internet based or computerbased:

In our score comparision we use the Paper and computer based equivalence of 587 and 240 but a higher score for internet based : 95. If you meet the internet based score this also qualifies for the PhD level.


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